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The counties of Norfolk & Suffolk, along with the Waveney Valley region that overlaps them, are steeped in history and heritage, with vibrant Art and Theatre communities. The Iceni region contains some of the most beautiful landscapes, waterways, and coastlines in England, with public access to much of it wonderfully diverse wildlife . . .

iceniPost brings together the many aspects of our region, with the posting of daily news and events in Norfolk and Suffolk, and at the same time records social events as historical content as the publication grows, already amassing well over 12,000 pages, many content supplied, and some self generated from as far back as 2007.

Every post is socially networked to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc, and our RSS feed is used and promoted by many other web publications. All posts are indexed and searched by all the major search engines. To take advantage of our growing popularity we have very reasonable rates set for Business Advertisers. So please email us if you would like to be a sponsor of any of our content, and we will happily publicise your business to our readers…

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